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Neighborhood Watch Information Meeting

Greater Mission Bend Area Council

Neighborhood Crime Watch Workshop

April 9, 2011

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Welcome ~ Mike Martin,  GMBAC President

Mike began the workshop by welcoming everyone in attendance as well as introducing and thanking Fire Chief Steve Fowler for allowing GMBAC to use the station’s training room for this meeting and numerous  meetings  in the past.

Also introduced was Tony Daniel, the manager of  West Oaks Mall.   Mr. Daniel & the owners of the mall,  understand their importance in the community and are committed to updating and keeping the mall safe.   Future changes  will include the addition of an Edward’s Theatre as well as new restaurants.

Mission Statement ~ Wayne Thompson, GMBAC Director

Wayne thanked everyone for coming  and briefly explained how the Council has many homeowners who are longtime residents of the Mission Bend area who have witnessed the ups and downs over the years.    The goal of this workshop was to help bring back the sense of community and to help start the groundwork for Neighborhood Watch programs in the Mission Bend area.  Although crime in our area is no worse than others, gangs are becoming more prevalent and bolder.  He reminded all of us, that as homeowners, we need to help our law enforcement officers.

Harris County Deputy Dolores Esquivel

Deputy Esquivel began by saying that she has been a resident of her community for many years and she herself had been robbed by someone who knew her schedule well enough to know when she would not be home.   A neighbor noticed a suspicious car and called it in.   Thieves  watch the comings and goings of potential targets and homeowners need to know this as well.

She encouraged everyone to get to know their neighbors.   Walk the streets of your neighborhood, and learn as much as you can by getting to know the cars and residents that belong and don’t belong, and who is home during the day.   When it became known that a sex offender lived in her neighborhood, a few residents helped spread the word by putting flyers on all the cars.   It did not take long for the offender to move out.   The more homeowners know each other, the easier it will be to start up a Watch program.  Help motivate your neighbors and ask who is willing to help keep them- selves safe.

A useful number to keep in mind is the one for the Harris County Crime Prevention Unit  – 713-759-9454.  Harris County also has a Citizen Police Academy program for homeowners called CERT  – Citizen Emergency Response Team.   CERT provides training on what to look for and how to call it in.

Ft. Bend County Deputy Gerard Argao

Deputy Argao and his family have lived in the Mission Bend area for many years.   He also encouraged all of us  to get to know our neighbors.   Neighbors can help each other when we leave for vacation etc.   The more we talk to each other,  the easier it will be to get a Watch program started.   A small group talking on the sidewalk will attract attention and others will want to know what is going on.   Regardless of the number of neighbors you can get for the first meeting, just call Deputy Argao and he will come out.   Training and support will be given to all who are involved.

Neighborhood Crime Watch is a proven crime reduction program but its success depends on the involvement of the neighborhood.   Volunteers for Block Captains and Section Coordinators will be  needed, but a small group can get things rolling.

General Comments

Please call these non-emergency numbers if you see anything suspicious.  Try to give a detailed account, but don’t put yourself in jeopardy to get a better look!   The Harris County number is 713-221-6000 and the  Ft. Bend number is 281-341-4665.

Although the tagging graffiti is getting worse, do not call the police if you witness it because the gang members will be gone by the time the police are able to arrive.

Go to:  www.crimereports.com to get a list of reported incidents in your area and have it published in your community newsletter.

Don’t give thieves the opportunity to rob you by leaving valuables within sight in your car.  Out of 12 cars checked in the fire station parking lot, only 4 passed a quick visual inspection!  Don’t leave information on where you live or banking info in your car for thieves to find.   Do not have your home address listed in your GPS – if they get your car, they will know right where to go.  Since  most of us have garage door openers, the thieves  will have access into our homes as well.    Be sure to lock the door between the garage and your home and if your opener is new, change the frequency as well.

After using a debit/credit card anywhere – be sure to hit “clear” when you are done.  Employees can get your info and use it.

Following the deputies’ comments, there was a brief question and answer period.  Eight door prizes  from local businesses  (Walmart, Chil’is, Alamo Draft House, Red Lobster and Olive Garden) were distributed throughout the meeting.  Wayne Thompson concluded the event  by thanking everyone in attendance and presenting  both deputies with certificates of appreciation.

Door Prize Winners:

  • 2 Alamo tickets
    • Nick Alwine
  • Red Lobster
    • Deborah achgwu
    • Andrew Perkonski
    • Omar Esparza
  • Olive Garden
    • Tammy Jimenez
  • Chili’s
    • John Giles
    • Yvette Daniel
  • Walmart
    • Desiree’ Churchman