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Below are  issues that concern all or at least most area HOA’s.

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Recently there has been a rash of panhandlers staging themselves not only on esplanade curbs, but also navigating in and out of roadways at busy intersections both in wheel chairs and on foot, poking fish nets at car windows soliciting donations, peddling water from ice chests to drivers while at traffic lights. 

All of this is to say, it is a potential life safety issue for both panhandlers and drivers. 

Harris and Ft. Bend counties have designated resource centers to help those in need.  Please do not encourage this practice by donating to individuals or groups.      


 Harris County Precinct Three
Report a Problem
(Street Repair and other County related issues)

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One in four Texans has unclaimed property from forgotten bank accounts, uncashed checks, security deposits and utility refunds. It’s your money, and we want you to get it back.
There is also unclaimed money for Home Owner Associations and businesses.  Find the Money by clicking on the link below!


Big Trucks Parking in Your Subdivision?

Click below for “Procedures for the Posting of Signs Prohibiting Overnight Parking in Certain Residential Subdivisions in the Unincorporated Area of Harris County, Texas, the Affidavit, and the Petition for installation of Signs Prohibiting Overnight Parking of Commercial Motor Vehicles”.
Complete and return the affidavit and petition to:
Greg Wyatt (281-463-6300)
Harris County Precinct Three
16635 Clay Road
Houston, Texas 77084
Upon approval of the Affidavit and Petition, signs will be posted at the entrances of the subdivision.

Got Debris in Your Bayou?

Contact the Harris County Flood Control District.  The grocery carts and other debris in subdivision bayous will be removed, perhaps within 10 days.

Street Lights Not Working?

(include pole # & nearest address)

Burglar Alarm Permit Requirements


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(Fort Bend & Harris County)