Welcome Greater Mission Bend Area Residents, Business Owners and Community Organizations. Your suggestions and comments are welcome!


The Goal of the Greater Mission Bend Area Council is to provide a voice for the citizens of the Greater Mission Bend area to present and address our common issues.

The Greater Mission Bend Area Council was formed August 16, 2007 by a group of citizens of who live in Mission Bend and surrounding neighborhoods who came together to address the many issues confronting our neighborhood.

Our neighborhood needs more visibility and influence with County Officials in addressing our common problems. Our Homeowners Associations need to band together to speak with one voice so that we can provide the resources to meet our community’s challenges. The formation of the Greater Mission Bend Area Council is the first Step in this process.

The issues listed below were defined at the first meeting held on August 16, 2007. These are not all of the issues but by addressing and resolving these, we will have made major steps in the right direction.

  • The failure of the Commercial District and its impact on our community.
  • Crime and gang activity in our neighborhood.
  • Deed restrictions and uneven enforcement from one neighborhood to the next.
  • The increase of multiple families living in single-family housing in violation of deed restrictions.
  • The abuse of neighborhood deed restrictions by residents who park 18-wheeler trucks and tractors, sometimes in the actual driveways of single-family homes – in violation of deed restrictions.
  • The violation of our neighborhood by various transportation authorities, including the Harris County Toll Road Authority, METRO, and our friends at TxDOT who seem to have identified Mission Bend as a target neighborhood.
  • Our continual frustration with the Alief Independent School District and its unwillingness to provide Mission Bend and Alief with neighborhood high schools, as are found in every other neighborhood in Texas. This failure by the local school district has negatively impacted our neighborhood by weakening the bonds of the community in the area served by the district.

The Greater Mission Bend Area Council sponsored several Public Events and invited the local elected officials listed below to address these issues.

Public Events with Elected Officials as Guest Speakers

Local Law Enforcement and Other Public Figures

  • Alief School Superintendent – H.D. Chambers
  • Fire Chief – Steve Fowler
  • Harris County Sheriff Office, Captain Lanny Hitchcock
  • Harris County Deputy Sheriff, Samuel Cerda
  • Houston Police Department, Raul Collins
  • Harris County’s Director of Intergovernmental Relations, Ron Servis (with Judge Ed Emmett’s office)

Work Shops

Town Hall Meetings & Forums

Our elected officials are aware of the problems and issues in our community and are working with us to address them.